Smart applications, are the shortest way to successful digital marketing

October 20, 2020

Smart applications, are the shortest way to successful digital marketing

Smart applications, are the shortest way to successful digital marketing

In the age of the digital revolution and the explosion of electronic knowledge that we live in today, we cannot overlook the importance of technological developments and the importance of using smartphone applications in our different works, and this because of the facility that it provides in shopping and marketing in a time that is considered to be standard compared to the traditional shopping and marketing methods.

The United Arab Emirates support productive families :

The UAE is a forerunner in development and growth, and it occupied a regional and international position in the rapid building of small, medium, and emerging projects according to the best standards.

Moreover, it supports the different economical activities and empowers the diversity that the government is based on to achieve a quantum leap in commercial production to build an excellent and active international and national economy.

Many home-based jobs despite their simplicity became one of the most important sources of income for many families who wanted to become productive families rather than being consumer families who receive help.

And thus, the idea of (productive families) came, wherewith small capitals and simple tools they were able to turn their homes into factories and began to work with food and handicrafts productions to make them a support for their income that is no less important than any other income.

Smart applications are the gate for marketing the products of productive families :

With the massive technological growth and a large number of smart applications, digital marketing stores, and social media platforms. It is now possible to market these products using new methods that guarantee the reachability of the commodity to the consumers. In addition, productive families won’t have to wait for fairs to market their products.

There have also become smart applications specialized in supporting productive families, and creating a refreshing economic environment for families or individuals who work in the field of selling home foods, such as the (Mathaqi) application specialized in ordering home food, as well as the application (Home Cooking) which is a platform that provides food service from chefs And productive families that prepare homemade foods.

There is an application (Our Family is Producer) which is a huge market for the products of productive families in all regions of Saudi Arabia, and productive families can register in the application and start adding their products, and the consumer can register in the application and start ordering products.

Smart applications provides food order and delivery features

Smart applications are the fuel of Digital marketing :

Within what we are witnessing in terms of the changing and accelerating electronic facts, that reshaped the reality and presented it in a different form. Smart applications have cleared their way to enter the entrepreneurship market strongly and become the most important mean that digital marketing relies on.

Smart applications provide, Massive areas that transcend our expectations which have many features that pushed it towards the top in digital marketing tools, such as:

  1. The speed in spread and reachability at all times.
  2. The facility in downloading.
  3. The facility in usage.
  4. The abundance of information provided about the product.
  5. Freedom and comfort for entrepreneurs to choose what suits the work environment away from the noise of traditional marketing.

As a result of these and other features, smartphone applications have become an encouraging way for small business owners and productive families to continue their business and market it.

Where the smart application:

  1. Ensures brand marketing with the lowest costs.
  2. Creates an active communication space with the customers for entrepreneurs.
  3. Ensures constant communication with the customers and surrounds them with every new product.
  4. Develops the purchase process, which is the thing that ensures the sustainability of the income.

Marketing through smart applications on mobile phones

Adopting smart applications in marketing:

By adopting smart applications as a marketing tool, many specialized parties are providing digital marketing and application development services.

Such as TeamX company which provides for entrepreneurs the suitable environment for development and growth through designing the right app for work or an idea, which helps in the flourishing and spread of brands in addition to keeping its unique identity in the work market.

The number of smart application users in the world has exceeded 5 billion users, and it is expected that by the end of 2020, revenues from using mobile applications will exceed 190 billion dollars as global revenues.

We cannot deny that smart applications have become a basic measure of differentiation in the importance and credibility of companies do they use them or not?, and they are also very important means for large and small and even emerging companies, that must be used to market their products in the best and newest way, which is definitely beneficial.