How to achieve customer satisfaction and make your client feel like Shahryar

October 20, 2020

How to achieve customer satisfaction and make your client feel like Shahryar

How to achieve customer satisfaction and make your client feel like Shahryar

“When customers are fully prepared to reject an exceptional product or reject a better price to continue doing business with you, they feel loyalty and belonging to what you offer them.”

This is what motivational lecturer Simon Sinek says, who seems to be right.

One of the most important and prominent reasons that achieve growth and success for companies and help them to acquire new customers is customer satisfaction with the quality of services.

Indicators of customer satisfaction with the quality of services:

To find out the extent of customer satisfaction with the quality of services, companies use some indicators, such as:

  • views.
  • The number of interactions with different posts on social media pages.
  • The number of customer visits and site browsing.
  • The number of transfers and product shopping from the site, etc.

And according to McKinsey : 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feel being dealt with.

How to achieve customers satisfaction:

Here are steps that help companies and employers to achieve customer satisfaction and loyalty when providing them with their products and services:

First: To achieve customer satisfaction, interact with them through social media:

Previously, companies were not interested in social media, but with the change of times, they can no longer ignore the great impact of these websites in developing the relationship with their customers and clients and evaluating customer satisfaction.

By constantly interacting with your customers, whether by publishing entertaining or educational content that matches the goals and values ​​of your organization, you will find positive results.

We also recommend a few steps:

  • Leave comments.
  • Ask interactive questions.
  • Don’t be afraid to have conversations.
  • Share your customers’ opinions and comments.
  • Tell your clients success stories and share impactful videos with them.
  • Create an event, contest, or say something nice on your pages so that your customers are always happy and engaged with you.

Make the previous steps a part of your daily routine with your clients, then watch the powerful impact and profit they will bring you.

Second: To achieve customer satisfaction, make your response to them fast:

Most studies show that there is a strong link between rapid response times and customer satisfaction and happiness.

The criteria for determining the ideal time to respond to the client vary, including:

  • How urgent the problem is.
  • Promises made about speed in response.
  • The channel through you use to respond, such as phone, social media, or email.

According to the joint survey between Super Office and Twister Performance Solutions, the following was found:

  • Some customers are okay with a 24 hour response time, for example.
  • 31% of customers want a response within at least an hour.
  • 40% of customers, according to Klaus, expect that the response time on social media channels should be less than 24 hours.
  • And 50% of customers would like to receive an email response within 24 hours.

That is why make sure that your company or your team provides quick responses to answer customer inquiries, and be a good listener of all problems, comments, complaints and questions received, and make your response fast and effective.

Third: To achieve customer satisfaction, be predictive and proactive:

How do you work with your team on developing the risk and issue management policy?

  • Identify the expected problems.
  • Analyze the way it works.
  • Diversify the potential obstacles and vulnerabilities presented.
  • Create a solution plan.
  • Work to achieve customer satisfaction and address their complaints.

All of this will help in reducing the stress and save time for other unpredicted problems.

And according to ( :
attracting new clients costs 5 times more than keeping existing clients.

Fourth: In order to achieve customer satisfaction diversify communication channels:

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Which channels are more active?
  • What are communication channels that the clients prefer and find it easy to reach?
  • Which channels costs less for the clients?

Use emails, social media platforms, phones, etc.

And remember to build your plan by studying customers and their favorite means of communication to achieve their satisfaction.

Fifth: In order to achieve your customers’ satisfaction, help educate them:

Help your clients and customers learn about possible ways to benefit from the established business relationship between you and them.

For example :

  • Answer their common questions.
  • Help them solve the problems they are facing.
  • Offer subscriber-only features.
  • View success stories of customers who have used your products or your site.

According to Harvard Business Review :
48% of customers who had a negative experience told another 10 or more

Sixth: In order to achieve the satisfaction of your customers, be a listener:

The process of evaluating the work by receiving responses or suggestions or measuring customer satisfaction with the services provided is very important.

When you make real changes based on feedback from the customer community, this will reflect your interest in their opinion and your eagerness to provide them with the best experience.

And look at the analyzes and the path of your numbers, as they are important indicators that will help you in several matters, the most important of them are:

  • Redraw your plan.
  • Repair gaps.
  • Improve your strategy.
  • Business development in general.
  • Achieve customer satisfaction.


With the increase in the number of companies and business organizations, the expansion of international and global markets, and the high rates of commodity and service outputs, the term (customer satisfaction or clients’ satisfaction) has appeared widely and significantly.

And every organization, institution, or business company is required to maintain a list of its customers as they are the most important part of the business, and they are the main reason that guarantees the business continuity, success, and ability to achieve competitive advantages.