10 jobs the remote work market is anticipating; Get to know them!

October 20, 2020

10 jobs the remote work market is anticipating; Get to know them!

10 jobs the remote work market is anticipating; Get to know them!

Did you feel for some time, during the spread of the Corona pandemic that you are threatened to lose your job which is a source of safety for you?

Did you feel that your current skills are not suitable anymore for the new work market indicators and needs and that you need to have alternative skills to find another job opportunity?

Have you seen hundreds of job opportunities during the last week entitled “remote work”?

If your answer is  “YES” to at least one of the questions then you need to take a look at this article.

Digital transformation and remote work :

The forced transition into remote work has shortened long years of the age of the digital transformation that was predicted by economists for the next decades. And this happened after the world woke up and found itself forced to continue working from home because of the COVID-19.

And here are 10 of the most important jobs that the remote work market predicts:

  • Education and training:

With the enrolment of hundreds of students in virtual classes and the increase in the number of countries that support online learning, the need for teachers and trainers who have enough knowledge of remote learning tools and can work from home has increased.

And it became necessary to find strategies, resources, and technologies that help us create online classes and develop the required educational tools for remote learning.

remote learning

  • Digital marketing :

Despite the differences in the targets of companies based on their types and services. They all aim to achieve a larger number of customers to convince them to buy or use their services or subscribe to them.

And since the internet is on the top of the important marketing channels list, and it provides many job opportunities through its different platforms in the digital marketing field. It became important to consult digital marketing specialists to make benefit from their experiences before applying to such jobs.

  • Software developer :

The great development in the field of networks, marketing, and e-commerce has created a massive need for developers of programs and systems that work on computers or mobile devices.

Many job opportunities are offered every week to hire software developers by companies that deal with online stores or computer software designing or others.

  • translation services :

If you are good at English and at least one other language, you can find many remote job opportunities.

All you have to do is develop your skills in the language, read more about translation and its basics, and search for mediatory websites that help you reach companies or establishments that need remote translators.

translation services

remote translation services

  • Voiceover :

If you have a beautiful voice then you can work remotely and make money with this skill.

All you need to do is start developing your voice using different sites and online courses and look for a proper job opportunity (which they are abundant lately, because of the spread of the recorded books and ads market and dubbing companies and voiceover).

  • Writing and editing :

Writing and editing (either as a journalist or a content writer)  are considered one of the most important jobs that can be worked remotely and make a good income through it.

And it is quite varied as you can write about economy, politics, science, astronomy or culture.

Bloggers, journalists, editors, and content writers who know how to plan and deliver content within agreed deadlines face a competitive market.

  • Customer service :

The customer service job relies on you being the connection between the clients and the party you work for.

And customer service includes the following:

  • Answering the queries of the clients.
  • Provide some solutions.
  • Refer the clients to other parties to benefit them.
  • Present the products of the company.

remote Customer service

The main goal is to make the client satisfied with your establishment by using active communication and negotiation skills.

  • Social media platforms management :

This job is listed as one of the best 20 on the websites of remote work opportunities.

As the need for companies and establishments to be on social media and market their brand increased.

  • Design :

Do you remember the number of graphic designs you’ve seen recently on different sites?

They are hundreds here and there In commercial and advertising companies and websites.

The design has topped the lists of job opportunities required to work remotely, and there is no argument that it is one of the most important pillars of advertising, spreading and rapid access to customers and consumers and influencing their purchasing decisions.

This field includes the design of the following:

  1. The front view of the sites.
  2. Application interfaces.
  3. Programs.
  4. Magazine covers.
  5. Architectural and engineering paintings.
  6. In commercial and advertising companies and websites.
  • Data entry :

This job is spread nearly everywhere and it relies on creating a database related to the company and its products.

And from the tasks of data entry:

  • Facilitate the reachability of the database.
  • Choosing the best way to preserve the data of the company within certain systems.
  • Create backups.
  • Writing daily reports.
  • Coordinating and modifying the entered data from time to time.

Remote work opportunities are abudant in this stage, on the contrary of what people excpect.

All you have to do is start checking out the companies known to provide remote work opportunities, then be ready to prepare your own work space and adhere to the discipline and perseverance necessary for the success of the remote work project and the achievement of financial profit and other desired goals.