Need of a Mockup in a Website Design

January 26, 2022

Need of a Mockup in a Website Design

To understand the need for a mockup you’ll first need to understand the cause of the mockup. Let me introduce you to what mockup is?

Basically, the mockup is a model used for demonstration. It can either be a device model or simply a branding or merchandising model. It illustrates what the final product will look like.

Mockup for web designing is used for the purpose of providing clients with the clearest possible look of how their website would look after completion. Designers design mockups on platforms like Adobe Photoshop. These platforms require high-resolution graphics and a creative mind.

How do mockups work?

Now that you’ve understood the cause of the mockup let’s now discuss what are the pros of a mockup design?

Initially, whenever a client asks for a website through an agency or a freelancer, the first step is to gather all possible and relevant information from the client about their website. Have a proper and clear vision of what the client wants. Next, you now have to showcase your creativity. With all the gathered information, design a sample mockup to have a visual representation of what the customer demand is. Then modify it to make it more professional and traffic gaining. Once you’ve designed a mockup show it to your client as a sample of what the final webpage would look like. A mockup includes individual slides and pages that need to be put onto the website.

This is just how mockup is the essential most step while developing a website.


Why use mockups?

Since you just came across how it all works, it’s likely that you now understand the basic need for a mockup. How would it have been if no mockups were used?

If there was no concept of mockups then the scenario would be a lot different. The client will ask developers to create a website for their business, the developers would develop a website but in case if the client is not satisfied with the website or the client required a few changes in the website; then it would all be a long process repeatedly until the client is completely satisfied.



To reduce this repeated effort, mockups are designed foremost to acquire customer approval for the final look of their website. Once the customer approves the demonstrated design, developers create the website accordingly in one go.

The Efforts of a mockup designer:

Being a mockup designer is not as easy as a piece of cake. It requires being constantly creative and up to date. Knowing what’s trending and what sort of work people are looking for is the key. Mockup designers work to their fullest to satisfy a customer. It’s like giving birth to a customer’s dream and ideas.

To design a mockup demonstration of what your client has imagined is not as easy as it sounds. Providing more than one sample for a single project can take a lot. Finding different ways to visually represent the same idea, again and again, is really hard.

Mockup designers put in a lot to make their clients 100% satisfied and happy with their outcomes.