The perfect tools that the remote work environment require

November 4, 2020

The perfect tools that the remote work environment require

The perfect tools that the remote work environment require

What are the required tools for remote work that we need in the near future:

Group chat and remote work applications:

Whether your team works remotely or from within the office, the need for group chatting programs has become a necessity and helps to facilitate work.

One of the most important group chat applications is the Microsoft Teams application, provided by Microsoft.

Group chat and remote work applications

Video conferencing and recording applications:

The Zoom app is the ideal tool for creating online meetings, providing messaging, simultaneous displaying and communicating with a large number of employees at the same time.

Add to that a useful tool, Clip Board, that helps you with the following:

  • Record your screen.
  • Video Editing.
  • Share the recording with your team to enhance the experience, and draw attention to the important parts of the video.
  • Draw on screen.
  • Add text.
  • Capture the eyes of the viewers with the focus tool.

Time adjusting and remote work programs:

The remote work type might face the presence of the working group in different time zones, and it is very important to use some applications that help the team to set different dates for meetings or discussion sessions to suit everyone.

The most important of these programs is World Time Buddy – Buffer.

World Time Buddy Application

Storage clouds and remote work:

All of the remote work teams require special systems for virtual storage, and they are used to upload different files like plans, reports, pictures, etc.

Google Drive - Storage clouds and remote work

 Tasks lists :

Despite the nature of the performed work, task lists are an integral part of organizing the virtual work environment, and you always need to organize and send notes and tasks.

The following is a set of applications and tools that help you to organize your tasks and the tasks of your team very effectively, such as Evernote and Microsoft One Note.

Remote work meetings and noise:

Maybe you are a remote employee who has three kids who will wake up soon, or you live beside a busy road!

The magical Krisp app to mute noise during home meetings is the perfect app for everything related to audio like podcasts or audio systems.

Krisp Application

Companies that provide remote work tools:

LogMeIn Company has offered a range of its free remote work products for months like its GoToMeeting online meeting tool.

And in case we decide not to go a little further, other companies in the UAE have provided special services to companies and institutions through specific products, such as TeamX, which recently launched the TeamX360 service for managing companies (employees and customers) remotely and automating all administrative work for the company through the Internet. Such as managing projects, tasks, employee leave, attendance, and others.