The features of digital marketing and the challenges of SEO

October 25, 2020

The features of digital marketing and the challenges of SEO

After the massive and rapid spread of smart devices based on the high-speed Internet, and the dependence of customers on them in making the decision to purchase services and products from websites, digital marketing has gained great importance in building strong relationships with users through channels that facilitate the purchase process.

And by relying on many strategies for digital marketing and its low costs, companies at all levels are seeking to reach the largest segment of customers through it to market their products.

What does digital marketing achieve for business owners?

There is no doubt that digital marketing is one of the basic business pillars, and its importance for entrepreneurs is no less than any other corner of their projects, as it is able to make a quantum leap in increasing sales and spreading brand awareness.

According to a study published by (CB Insights), one of the main reasons for the failure of many entrepreneurial projects is the failure to market the product or service.

Here you can find some features that digital marketing provides for entrepreneurs:

  • Digital marketing costs little and its results are impressive:

In digital marketing, you won’t need to study wages, salaries, and storage costs.

And this product will not be charged the previous costs, resulting in a cheap and high-quality product.

  • Digital marketing targeting potential clients with high precision:

Through digital marketing, you can learn the types of buyers and secure what suits them and what they need in terms of services and products, which necessarily leads to an increase in their site visits, increased purchases, and profit.

  • Digital marketing ensures unlimited spread:

With digital marketing, there will be no barriers of distance, and you can simply be a business owner in one country while your customer is in another country.

  • Digital marketing leverages social media to build a brand:

Imagine you have millions of marketers on social networks, and they post, talk about, and recommend your products for free without any costs.

This is true, and we see it a lot on our web pages through friends’ posts for specific products or services they like.

  • Digital marketing facilitates sales around the clock:

In digital marketing, there is no day off or vacation, and work on it is ongoing around the clock.

This means, that you are present with your customers at all times that suit them despite their genders, nationalities, age groups, and cultural backgrounds.

  • Digital marketing ensures quick access to clear and accurate performance measurement results.

These and other features have prompted many to change the strategies followed in regular marketing and move to digital marketing.

But this matter needs an expert in this field in order to reach the desired level of this transition.

And digital marketing these days needs experts who put products in the most appropriate places on the search listings.

If you want to launch your existing or under-construction project, or you want to go far in digital marketing, you must focus heavily on the so-called SEO, and continue to develop your own site, otherwise, your business will be invisible in the contemporary digital market.

What do we mean by (SEO)? What are the challenges it faces?

SEO is the process of making changes to the design and content of your site and helping you improve its appearance on the first pages of search engine results.

Matt Cutts, director of search quality and web spam at Google, says:

“We want to show good search results for users to be happy and come back to us, that is the basis

Happy users are loyal users, and if you give them a good experience in one search, they will consider coming back to you again.”

The conclusion of this talk is to adopt Google’s strategy in finding a good strategy that meets the desires of researchers and is closer to them, and provides an exceptional user experience, with high-value content, and high-quality links).

However, when optimizing search engines, you should pay attention to the following challenges:

  1. Unsecured traffic rate.
  2. The end of the search word era.
  3. Backlinks.
  4. Compatibility of the site for mobile phones.
  5. Solving problems before they occur.


The before mentioned info is nothing but an introduction that puts you in front of the optimal options in digital marketing.

If you use them well in your project, create search engine optimization and follow the technological and technical developments

that are constantly occurring on these engines, you will always appear to your users on the first pages of search engines and you will make a profit you are waiting for.

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