SEO The magnet that will bring your website to the top of search engines results

October 25, 2020

SEO The magnet that will bring your website to the top of search engines results

Decades ago; The journey to find information was not that easy, but rather it was a long journey that might take several days to reach the references and dive into them.

But today, thanks to technology, references and information banks around the world are confined to our small screens and in our hands.

Search engine optimization made searching for information simpler and easier.

Anyone can search for everything that can occur to his mind, and receive clear, accurate and customized results if he wanted to.

How do entrepreneurs employ search engines to develop their businesses?

The answer is simply: using SEO

But; What is SEO? What is its importance? Is it really a real thing or just a floating term in the world of marketing?

This is what we will try to clarify in this content.

What is (SEO) search engine optimization?

Search engine optimization is a process that includes a set of rules through which to ensure the quality and a high number of visits that a website or page on the Internet achieves so that it appears to users at the top of search results when they use search engines.

It can be said that it is a long-term free digital marketing method.

It continues in the long term if used optimally, and according to the classification, factors relied upon to control the appearance of a site on the first page of results when users perform the search.

Why is website optimization important for website owners?

The importance of optimizing search engines for bloggers, stores, and websites owners revolves around key points, including:

Search engine optimization (SEO) ensures reaching the target customer:

65% of search engine users choose one of the first 5 results that appear on search engine pages; whether they are looking for information that they are using or a product they want to buy.

Search engine optimization ensures that website owners appear in the first results, thus increasing the chances of a greater number of customers reaching the site.

Also, properly optimizing search engines ensures that users have an easy and rich experience during their visit to the website.

Search engine optimization helps in advertising and promoting the site on social media platforms:

SEO is an important component of website promotion on social media.

Users who find a useful, effective and updated website through search engines such as Google, Yahoo, or others, often share it on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media platforms, thus promoting it.

Search engine optimization (SEO) makes it easy to manage huge websites:

Search engine optimization ensures that huge websites run by more than one person are easy to manage. As it benefits from this optimization in two ways:

1- Direct: (represented by increasing the number of visits to the site through search engines).

2- Indirect (represented in providing a common framework of “checklists” to be used before publishing on the site).

Search engine optimization (SEO) increases traffic:

It is one of the most important SEO goals, as it increases website popularity on the Internet.

This is achieved through the following:

  • Defining search words.
  • Determining the expected visits during a specific period of time.

Search engine optimization lowers marketing cost:

Setting up your website for search engines helps in getting targeted customers at the lowest cost compared to marketing through paid ads that rely on market competition.

And it is true that paid ads are a quick way to interact with customers and generate profits compared to search engine optimization that can take months before it pays off.

But once the ads are stopped, the interaction will disappear completely, unlike the SEO, which will consistently produce effective results.

Search engine optimization helps in branding, building trust with customers, and increasing sales:

The search engine optimization of the website ensures a strong position in the midst of electronic competition and is useful for branding that increases customers’ confidence in the site over time.

If there are two websites that provide the same services and products, then the site that optimizes the search engines and provides the useful information and products required for its customers is more likely to attract more customers and achieve a higher percentage of sales and profits.

Conclusion :

Technology has not left an aspect of multiple areas of life without a firm imprint of it, and it has become imperative for entrepreneurs to use it in developing their businesses to keep pace with the tremendous technological developments, and to ensure business continuity, success and profits.

Whether you are in the process of building your website, launching a marketing campaign, or increasing the viewership and reach of your website, SEO is your number one tool.

In fact, it may be the main factor in the success or failure of blogs and commercial projects on the Internet, today it has become synonymous with visibility, and without it (and without the presence of high-quality content) your business will be invisible in the contemporary digital market.

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