Landing Page The Ultimate Guide 2021

December 26, 2020

Landing Page The Ultimate Guide 2021

Landing Page The Ultimate Guide 2021

what is a landing page?

The landing pages are simply the access page, which we want potential customers to reach (land on it) to perform a specific action.

This action is determined according to the company’s goals. The act may be watching a video, registering on the site, or anything else, and it is possible to put a button to be pressed so that the visitor opens the WhatsApp program and speaks directly with you. The action that the visitor must do is called a call to action CTA, meaning the invitation to do a certain action.

A landing page is a different page from your site’s pages (if you have a site)

as it has a separate link and a special design and usually does not have any external links, except for the link of the action to be done (such as the link to click on the WhatsApp icon for example or the registration link. In addition, the landing page usually does not contain the menu navigation bar.

To make the most out of this content, designers should know the different types of landing pages and their uses, you can find more by clicking on the following link:

Here are the definitions of some terms, which are very important when we talk about landing pages:

  • Call To Action CTA: It is a call to do a specific action for the client to do, for example, it could be the “Watch Now” button or the “Register Now” button, and its color is usually distinct from the page to attract the visitor’s attention.
  • Lead: The visitor is called Lead after he has done what is on the landing page (filling out a form for example or pressing the button), meaning that the visitor is a visitor until he fills out the existing form, for example, here his name became Lead, meaning the opportunity for the visitor to become a customer.

What is the purpose of creating landing pages?

The main goal of creating landing pages and leaving the link to them through advertising what you do for your online store is to gain a new segment of potential customers who are already interested in the product or service that you are advertising.

But with the repeated creation of landing pages, many features and goals were achieved

which helped prove the importance of creating them when carrying out advertising campaigns

across search engines and various marketing platforms, and one of the most important of these features is to collect a large area of ​​data and information on potential customers who you target through their campaigns, and by utilizing this database you can increase the sales rates of your online store and achieve many other goals such as:

Winning a large segment of potential customers:

You can gain a large number of potential customers interested in the product or service that you are already offering through your online store, and this is through their interaction with the page link and filling in their data so that you can target them after this through mail marketing campaigns online or via social media platforms.

Increase the conversion rate:

There are many types of landing pages that lead to different goals, and by creating a landing page that contains a link or a clear CTA for the customer, then he transforms from just a target customer to an actual customer and buyer and thus you gain in your online store a new customer and then a new sale and, an increase in sales rates and profits in general.

Increase the sales rates on your online store:

By creating a landing page for a product or service, you can achieve the highest selling rates for your online store, especially by following some methods such as creating an initial landing page to collect data and accurately classify your user audience, which confirms their interest and need for this. The product already exists, and then send its own landing page via e-mail that includes enough information about the product with the CTA link being clearly presented or with a click of a button. The customer can buy immediately to verify this new sale process and in a short time saves your customer the need to ask and think about how he can obtain this product.

Collecting a database for your target audience:

You can have a wide and large database for your target audience and use it later when creating more landing pages or when applying any of the stores’ e-marketing strategies, and work to improve and develop its performance. Having this data can improve campaigns that you create via the Google search engine or via social media platforms, and we mentioned how to do this in the previous point, as it is also a primary goal for the design of Landing Pages.

Types of landing pages:

First: Lead Generation or Lead Capture landing pages

It is also called Lead Gen or Lead Capture Pages and from its name

its mission is limited to attracting the targeted visitor to the landing pages to take his data, and then following this visitor with many thoughtful marketing mailings that transform him from just a visitor registered in the Lead mailing list to a Customer.

In order to get the most out of this kind of Lead Gen page you need to define two important elements:

The first is the purpose of the data

Some people exaggerate the data taken from the customer;

ask for the landline phone number, fax, and maybe the regular address, and he does not need this data in the first place.

There are also some sites that basically require the customer to record his credit card data.

This is not an exaggeration, as it is a means of confirming the extent of the customer’s credibility

and getting an actual customer willing to take positive action if he is satisfied with the product.

Therefore, you must determine the purpose of the taken data before you take it.

There is no little data or much data as far as there is what is called “the purpose of taking the data.”

The second: the method of communication.

If the method of communication is via email, why do you ask for a mobile phone number? If the method of communication is via mobile phone, why do you occupy yourself with fax?

Take the minimum amount of data you need about dealing with Lead Gen pages. The name and e-mail are sufficient as a means of communicating with the customer.

Indeed, there are those who have experimented with requesting e-mail only, and the result was impressive, as the percentage of registrants increased nearly from 20% of the normal rate if the name is requested with an email.

Second: Click-Through Intermediate Landing Pages

Some marketers do PPC campaigns for thousands of dollars to get visitors

to direct them to the main product page hoping that this product will appeal to them

so they buy it, and the marketer is happy at that time with a few dollars

that he achieves to cover the cost of his marketing campaign

although with simple modifications he can win thousands of dollars with the same campaign.

Click Through Intermediate Landing Pages’ entire task is to make the visitor click on the link to buy/register through it.

Therefore, it is usually longer than the previous type of Lead Gen, even if it is short

it is considered long for Lead Gen because it contains a lot of persuasive touches that distinguish professional sales pages

the purpose of the main page is to convince the visitor of a product/service and the base of which a transformation rate is created good/bad depending on the quality and design of the page.

How to make a good and effective landing page?

  • Landing pages that focus on the offer and not on the company:

Potential customers enter the landing page for some reason

and not giving them what you promised through the advertisement

will lead to an unpleasant first impression of you

it is not important for the visitor to know much about your company now

let’s talk here about taking corporate identity off the page

on the contrary, there should be corporate spirit on the landing page.

  • Focused landing pages, not dispersed ones:

Landing pages should have a specific goal that a potential customer wants to complete the registration or call-to-action process.

  • The communication form should be simple:

meaning that it should have few fields (such as name and phone number only, or email)

you must encourage the visitor to give information

because the long forms terrify visitors and make them prefer to leave

If you must have a long-form the solution is to use the steps to fill out the form and not fill it in all at the same time.

  • Landing pages that target a specific audience:

which means dividing your potential customers into segments and target each segment with a specific landing page, for example.

  • Landing pages that end with a message to the customer:

This message gives confirmation to the customer that he completed the registration process

or did the desired action successfully, for example, thank you for sending your information, we will contact you soon.

  • Landing pages that load fast:

It is very important that the landing page loads fast you should think that not everyone has good internet speeds

and there is a possibility that they browse the Internet from their smart devices

so you should not wait for the visitor to bear the landing page as he might get bored and decide not to continue visiting the page, the best loading time is less than 2 seconds.

  • Landing pages that are compatible with all devices:

Your landing page must be effective on all devices, computer, laptop, mobile, tablet … etc.

How to create a landing page?

There are many ways to create landing pages, some of them are free, some are paid

some are built from scratch, and some depend on specific sites that provide this service

and some depend on content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal. Or any other content management system.

There are some special sites for building landing pages and measuring their performance (and they have other features) like: