The importance of blogs in your online store

June 1, 2021

The importance of blogs in your online store

The importance of blogs in your online store
Despite the differences between online stores in terms of popularity, spread, or importance
they all agree on the importance of creating a blog to be a part of the storeowner’s marketing strategy
as the famous “WordPress” has cleared out that about 409 million internet surfers
visit more than 22.2 billion pages from different blogs.
Studies show that marketing strategies that include blogging generates 13 times more revenues than the ones that don’t.
Thus, creating a blog for your online store is an imperative thing you cannot overlook to ensure the success of your marketing plans.

Definition of a blog

The blog is the fastest way for your content to spread on the Internet
and therefore it can be considered one of the best methods
of content marketing that reaches a large number of audiences at minimal costs.
In addition, blogs are the largest place for adding articles and posting many different topics, in addition to answering all questions that the public might ask or think about.

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Reasons why every online store needs a blog:

There are 7 reasons why you should create your own blog to attract the audience to your online store:

  1. Developing your brand:

    In order to make your online store successful, it is necessary that you work on developing your brand and you can make so by blogging and sharing your story with the audience through content.
    Moreover, although the competition between online stores is often high, the brand remains neutral because each store has a brand with a special digital character and a strong personality.

  2. Attracting traffic from new sources:

    Through blogging, you can reach a greater number of customers and convert them to actual clients, and this is achieved by taking advantage of various sources such as paid ads, referral sources, e-mail marketing, and others, thus increasing the awareness and digital activity of your online store for your marketing process.

  3. SEO is an Easier Way:

    In order to improve your site in the search engines, you must provide content that the audience searches for, which helps the site’s visitors, obtain the expected answers to their questions, and thus using blogging in your online store within the strategy you follow, improves the traffic of your online store greatly.

  4. Giving the audience a reason to participate:

    By providing distinctive content, you can improve the chances of it being shared by customers, as it contains relevant information on your blog, so blogging is the best way to improve engagement instead of offering gifts and discounts or just posting your product pages and asking customers to buy.

  5. Create invitations to direct customers to your product pages:

    When blogging you can, through your content, gain their attention and direct them to the pages of your different products by using interesting phrases such as success stories with your customers or answering common questions and providing testimonials, thus you can convert your visitors into customers.

  6. Create new backlinks:

    Backlinks are a major factor in page ranking in search results, the more backlinks you can get from high-quality websites, the better your ranking in search engines will be.
    Moreover, because bloggers and websites do not want to link to product pages without incentives, creating a blog will help you reach your audience to build a relationship with website owners and bloggers, and make them start linking with your own content.

  7. Opening new doors to increase sales:

    You can provide motivational content in your blog to make visitors join your mailing list and after making the list larger, you can start implementing your strategy by linking your blog content to build your brand with subscribers, and make them prepare to buy your products and convince them to switch from just a visitor to a paying customer.
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Online store owners and marketers believe that the process of selling online or e-commerce needs a high budget to start with, but it is much simpler than that.
The success of the online store requires intelligence and knowledge to create distinctive content and write it in the blog of your online store, this is only what will achieve a positive impact and develop your brand, and contribute to building a relationship of trust between you and your customers.
Thus raising the percentage of sales for your products, so all you have to do is create a blog and prepare excellent content and your online store will surely succeed.