The benefits of Klip digital wallet

September 21, 2020

The benefits of Klip digital wallet

The benefits of Klip digital wallet

Klip Digital Wallet is a unique and interconnected digital payment platform.

Launched by the Emirates Digital Wallet with the aim of replacing traditional banknotes with digital cash.

It is characterized by:

  • High levels of efficiency and integrity.
  • It can be used easily without the need to open or own a bank account.
  • It provides many facilities for financial transactions carried out by individuals and business owners.

Here are some of these facilities in more detail :

The facilities provided by the Klip Digital Wallet to individuals and clients:

Klip Digital Wallet has made many things easier for individuals and customers in the United Arab Emirates, including:

Spending :

You can now use the Klip Digital wallet to pay when purchasing products from shops or via the Internet, as it is a very safe system.

It will also keep a record of the purchases you made, and you will not need a bank account with it, as you will be able to increase your balance whenever you want.

Transfer :

If you want to transfer money to your family members in another country, or to a friend or co-worker, the Klip Digital Wallet is your best choice.

All you have to do is send the money order via SMS, to reach the recipient’s Klip Digital Wallet account immediately.

And if he does not have a Klip account, there will be no problem at all. When the transfer arrives, he will be invited to download the application, and then the receipt process will be completed.

Then the app will automatically create a payment channel, that is ready to receive transfers easily and quickly in future times.

Saving :

Klip Digital Wallet saves your money until you need to use it, but what distinguishes it from other traditional wallets is that it is safer.

Moreover, if you lose your phone or your device malfunctions, there should be no problem at all.

All you have to do is log in to your account from another phone, and your money will remain completely safe.

Facilities provided by the Klip Digital Wallet to store owners :

We can summarize these facilities with three things, which are:

  • Shorter queues.
  • Safer payment receipts.
  • Eliminate the return of small coins to customers.

With the Klip Digital Wallet, there will be no need to keep paper money, save it in banks, or record sales transactions.

As It provides all the necessary information and data for any transaction that takes place through it.

Most of all, payments received through this wallet will be available immediately, and can be used quickly to pay for new purchases.

Likewise, there will be no need to return small amounts and remaining currencies to customers

thus long lines will be reduced to a minimum, and the payment process will be completed quickly.

How does the Klip Digital Wallet support (receiving, purchasing and recording transactions operations)?

First; Receipt Operations :

If you are a store or business enterprise owner, you definitely need to receive payments for your products easily and securely, right?

Then you should have Klip Digital Wallet!

Not only does it facilitate this process, but it also gives you confidence and peace of mind by providing a record of all the transactions that take place through it.

You can use its easy, fast, and practical features to suit your best-selling products or services and receive payments more efficiently.

Which avoids the problem of long waiting in the pay lines.

Likewise, the funds that you receive through the Klip Digital wallet will be immediately available for use or deposit in the bank.

Second; Purchasing Operations :

The Klip Digital Wallet is an ideal payment solution for new purchases.

You can use the money that you receive from your current sales to pay your suppliers.

This ensures quick delivery of goods and people will not face a shortage in the stock of goods.

Third; Transaction recording processes :

Klip Digital Wallet will relieve you of the trouble of tracking sales and the resulting revenues, as it provides a complete and direct report on all transactions, and you can therefore record it daily or whenever needed.

With the Klip Digital Wallet, the money will always be in your pocket and with you, but on your smartphone!