How Artificial intelligence supports e-commerce?

October 27, 2020

How Artificial intelligence supports e-commerce?

How Artificial intelligence supports e-commerce?

Artificial intelligence is the mandatory trend of the future digital world :

According to US entrepreneur, blogger, and author Seth Godin:

” AI ​​does something that we weren’t necessarily crazy about doing it anyway, it does it quietly and in good health, and then we take that for granted.”

Although at first glance it seems terrifying, it seems that artificial intelligence has become a mandatory trend in the world, e-commerce, and various businesses.

And if you delve a little into the success stories of e-commerce such as Amazon and Netflix, you will discover that it has been able to use artificial intelligence in the best way to develop its services, increase the number of its customers and achieve more profits.

Mentioning some of its uses :

1- Artificial intelligence and A/B tests :

This type of test is based on the methodology of studying by comparing two versions of one variable (A / B)

and how the consumer responds to each version and then chooses the version that customers respond best with.

Artificial intelligence helps provide the appropriate tools to conduct such tests, analyze data, and extract results

with ease without the need to spend much human energies to do this task.

2- Artificial intelligence and Chatbots :

It is good for e-commerce to rely on these robots, which are computer programs that interact with dozens of customers at the same time, answer questions all the time, provide suggestions, deal with complaints and solve problems.

And you can notice that many sites and platforms have already started using them and developing the feature of dialogue in them.

for example; Amazon has begun to deal with the issue of automatically answering questions using artificial intelligence by making use of content within its website pages.

Siri, Google Now, and Alexa are the famous examples that have introduced us to the idea of ​​a virtual assistant over the past years.

3- Artificial intelligence in generating customer-centered research:

This level of artificial intelligence is a powerful and dynamic feature in providing a personalized shopping experience that achieves:

  1. Consumer satisfaction.
  2. Targeting potential buyers again.
  3. Enhancing the selling game in general.

Often when searching for a product, consumers come across dozens of useless products and annoying ads.

However, using artificial intelligence, different brands and websites can predict consumer behavior and provide useful recommendations by working on visual search capabilities that tend to match the product.

learn real consumer behavior and collect various data from user activities on smartphones and computers.

4- Visual and audio search is one of the most important techniques of Artificial intelligence :

  • Voice search is one of the modern technologies that harvested amazing numbers of shoppers relying on it to obtain the services or products they want in e-commerce.
  • This technology helps improve the shopping and search process of your site or store.
  • According to some opinions, the year 2021 will bring about a 30% increase in revenue for those who will provide their sites with voice search.

5- Dynamic pricing tool or miscellaneous intelligence :

This tool is related to restructuring the prices offered on the website or online store.

as it does the following:

  1. Take a comprehensive look at all the products on the market.
  2. Compare prices.
  3. Determine the inventory and the customer file through the tracking files.
  4. Amending the list of quotations with high accuracy based on the above-mentioned points.

6- Artificial intelligence algorithms – targeted ads :

You can use AI algorithms for:

  1. Tracking cookies.
  2. Browsing history.
  3. The words you searched for recently.
  4. The number of times the consumer visited a website or searched for products.
  5. You also display advertisements related to customer interests.

Artificial intelligence technology is present at GITEX :

GITEX Technology Week 2020 kicks off in its fifth year at Dubai World Trade Center

as one of the largest global events in the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia region.

It is the ideal location for launching new products, holding the latest demos, and signing major deals.

It also includes exhibitions, conferences, and business centers, and plays its role as a forum that hosts thousands of meetings and sessions, and allows the exchange of ideas, and stimulates cooperation between major companies, while giving the digital industry the best in-depth insight into tomorrow’s technologies.

GITEX 2020 will also discuss 5G technology, artificial intelligence technology, smart cities, the future of smart cars, and the role of technology in facilitating people’s lives.