Digital marketing between Facebook and Instagram

October 24, 2020

Digital marketing between Facebook and Instagram

The Internet has become a big role in our lives, and it is used in all our daily dealings, especially the buying and selling processes that rely heavily on digital marketing.

Digital marketing includes all methods and practices related to the world of internet marketing.

And it is considered the link between the company and the target customers by:

  • Determining the target group of customers.
  • Delivering true value to customers that they need.
  • Managing the relationship between clients to maintain them for life.

The beginnings of digital marketing:

Digital marketing emerged in the late 1990s after the spread of the Internet and the technological revolution.

And it secured easy access to a large percentage of customers, as the Internet has gained wide popularity and easy and permanent access with its users everywhere.

Digital marketing is also characterized by the ease of running advertising and marketing campaigns in a faster time and at lower costs than using regular marketing.

This helped business owners with the following:
  • Knowing the results of their marketing campaigns.
  • Knowing the impact of marketing campaigns on customers through the results obtained from advertising analyzes and customer reactions.

Digital marketing has also made it easier for business owners to move to new markets in other countries via the Internet, which has reached every home and place in the world.

Digital Marketing and Social Media:

With the emergence of social media and its massive spread

the barriers of time and space were broken, and vast horizons and enormous opportunities were opened for all individuals to develop their lives at all levels.

Investors and business owners have focused on it for the ease of marketing their business through it, and ensuring faster access to customers at lower costs!

Digital marketing through social media is an indispensable marketing tool for commercial companies, and they use it for many reasons, including:

  • Find clients and make sales.
  • Promotion.
  • Bringing the brands to fame.
  • Measure trends.

Digital Marketing through Facebook :

According to the official news site for Facebook, the number of its active daily users is 1.56 billion.

There is no longer any room for doubt that it is one of the most important and best methods of digital marketing, for reasons proven by statistics, including:

  • High view counts.
  • Many success stories.
  • Ease of dealing with advertising in terms of publishing, follow-up, and communication with customers.
  • The very competitive cost compared to other advertising networks (such as Adwords, Display Ads, or Native Ads).

What do we need to start marketing on Facebook?

First of all, marketing on Facebook needs to have an active and interactive page with a clear identity for what you will present on it, and you must attach it to a logo that actually expresses its content.

You should also set up a fan page to display your products on it.

By doing so, you will get to know more about the profile of consumers, and this will give you more accuracy in managing the content that you will present to them in a distinctive way that suits their interests.

You can also have direct conversations with over 1.3 billion people.

Messenger allows you to make suggestions, increase sales, and provide direct support to the customer.

What are the utilities that Facebook provides to entrepreneurs?

  • Facebook Audience Insights: Assists in obtaining customer demographic and behavioral data.
  • Audience Network: provided by Facebook to boost ad power, reach more people and places, and also display your ad outside of Facebook.
  • Facebook IQ: It will allow you to discover everything new about your field of work or the project that you are marketing for.
  • Creative Hub: This is a good tool to get inspiration and learn about the types of advertising campaigns that Facebook provides.

And now…

If your project is in its beginnings, you can start with free advertising on Facebook

which is very common for small projects, and it brings good profits to its owners at zero cost.

Digital marketing through the Instagram platform:

We have Facebook, so why use Instagram?

A question that comes to the minds of many, and we will answer you:

Instagram has over 800 million active monthly users.

In other words, With it, you can find a very large number of customers targeted by your ad.

Research has shown that Instagram has the highest engagement rate among all social networks,

and it is considered the most important platform and the best channel ever if your marketing campaigns rely on visual content.

See what Adidas has done and continues to do from 2017 to this day.

Its Instagram followers have surpassed 24.7 million.

After creating a special place for the brand with its creative photos and videos

it shares with the daily Instagram followers.

Conclusion :

Marketing is as old as time, and it is essential for the success of a business, regardless of its size and industry.

For decades, marketing was confined to magazines, newspapers, and TV channels.

And these marketing channels remained the most advanced and effective until the emergence of the Internet and modern technology and everything changed.

Your full awareness of the features of Facebook and Instagram, and attention to the differences and similarities between them, will enable you to put indicative indications that put you in front of the appropriate option to start marketing for your product on one of them, and present it as appropriate content for the audience of the platform, to achieve the expected benefit from it.

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