Benefits of mobile applications to develop your business

December 8, 2020

Benefits of mobile applications to develop your business

Benefits of mobile applications to develop your business

After smartphone applications have become an essential part of our lives, and we got used to using them daily for many purposes and multiple requirements, we can no longer imagine new years without them.

And given that the demand for it is increasing, the time has come to use it in the service of business as well, and to think about investing and making profits through it, especially after it has become one of the main means of digital interaction in 2020.

The most important benefits you receive through smartphone applications:

At a time when some believe that smartphone applications are the preserve of large commercial enterprises, small and medium enterprises and emerging companies rely on smartphone applications to develop their business, support their brands and generate profits.

The following are some of the marketing benefits of smart applications, the most important of which are:

  • Promote your project brand:

Having a smartphone application for your business enhances your branding and enhances the mental image of consumers about your company or product.

And not have a smartphone application may suggest, that you are not interested in developing your product or project to comply with recent developments, which may have an indirect negative impact on the future of your project or product.

  • Increase your website traffic:

Application stores (Apple Store and Google Play, for example) get millions of visits every day.

Having a smartphone application for your project or product on these stores will definitely contribute to attracting more visits to your own website, and it will improve its ranking in the search engines.

  • Improve communication with clients and build lasting loyalty with them:

Whatever your industry, you need a way for your customers to communicate with you easily.

And the presence of the support or messaging feature within the application of your project will make a difference in the way you communicate with customers.

Also, direct communication between business owners and customers, listening to their opinions and complaints, working hard to satisfy them, improving your products in proportion to their needs, and providing honest offers and real data to them (such as country of origin, colors, available sizes and materials) will make you earn their confidence and loyalty.

  • Knowing your customers in detail:

This is done by collecting detailed information and data about them through the application, which can help you determine the most profitable geographical areas, identify customers’ needs and demographic information (such as gender and age) and use them to improve your products and services to meet their needs more effectively.

  • Linking the movement of clients to the services provided to them:

Smartphone applications open many lines of communication between business owners and their customers, making it easier to promote their business.

You (as a business owner) can benefit from giving notifications to users through the application to accomplish two things:

    • Increase your customers’ engagement with your provided product and services.
    • Marketing your offers if you are selling a product on the Internet, which will increase the chances of customers buying the product.
  • Marketing your business on social networks:

Social networking applications are closely related to smartphones.

Smartphone applications are ideal platforms to support your social media marketing strategy and increase your reach.

  • Outperform your competitors and stay at the forefront:

Having a smartphone application for your product or business (at a time when other businesses do not have an app) can enhance your position in the commercial market, push you to the fore, and give you an important customer advantage over your competitors.

Smart applications may be a huge commercial activity that aims to make money in many ways, often depending on placing the application in the most famous global platforms such as: (Apple Store, Google Play, or iTunes), and then it is promoted to get the largest number possible of downloads.

Profit is made through the following methods:

  • Profit from ads:

It is the most popular, safest, and high-quality way to profit from any application or game (and we all know the breaks and ad images that appear to us while playing on the phone).

Perhaps the biggest disadvantages of this method are:

    • You need a good number of downloads for your app in order to earn a reasonable amount of ads.
    • You cannot do anything before you allow the ad network to place its ads on your app.

The most reliable ad network is the AdMob Network, which is similar to the AdSense platform, and owned by Google.

Apple owned a similar platform (iAds), but it stopped working, but you can use Google Admob to profit from iOS applications through ads.

In the same way to profit from Google AdSense, whenever you improve the settings to choose the best forms, locations, and times to increase profits when you also register on the Admob network, you will find a lot of information and instructions to do so in the best possible way.

Then you have to test and experiment for yourself depending on your specific app.


Some free apps that do not require a subscription to use them (such as Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube, Instagram, and others), rely on advertisements for companies and products.

It gets to profit from you using it for as long as possible.

  • Paid applications (paid subscriptions):

Some applications provide you with a free subscription to try the content you provide for a certain period only.

Then it requires you to pay an annual or monthly subscription to be able to continue using it, such as the Netflix application.

This is the second way to profit from developing mobile applications. In order for any user to get your application, he must pay.

It is a very profitable method, but it requires that your application be distinctive and different from other available applications for users to accept to purchase it.

  • Feathers:

It is the most effective method of profit in the world of mobile applications, where you put some features (such as different colors, additional features, or remove ads) in exchange for paying an amount of money.

Well-suited method for design, photography, or task management applications, and even gaming applications, especially if the application is good and offers a real benefit.

Recommended by experts in this field because it is easy to promote these additional features, especially after users try the application with its free image.

  • The app itself be paid and not free:

Like apps that can be downloaded for a dollar per download.

The application may have a free version but without the features of the paid version.

  • Applying a service on the ground through the application:

Such as applications that represent a link between the consumer and the service applicant, and deliver products to homes (such as food order delivery applications), where you order from a specific restaurant, then the application communicates with the restaurant to prepare the order and deliver it to you in exchange for an additional value that is added to your total bill.

  • Get Traffic:

It is the appropriate method for company owners, service providers, and website owners of various kinds and fields.

There are many ways to profit through websites that depend on obtaining traffic, the most important of which are:

    • Affiliate Marketing.
    • Ads.
    • The provision of services.
    • Selling products.

Here comes the role of smartphone applications that facilitate this.

That is why you find most of the large sites have applications for their sites, through which it is easy to browse the website content directly from the phone and at a higher speed than using the regular browser, which makes the process of communicating with application users very easy.

Through it, notifications can be sent about the latest articles or offers for users to browse, thus increasing profits.

  • Partial subscriptions:

You can restrict access to some of the content in your app with a paid subscription.

This is what university apps, some newspapers, and popular content sites rely on.

  • Selling the same application to a giant company:

The applications that achieve great success and popularity receive a lot of investment offers from giant companies, such as the deal that WhatsApp got when it was acquired by Facebook.

There are many who are looking to buy ready-made applications that perform certain tasks for their audience, and you can sell them your application after making profits from it.

It is a matter of business, and there are many developers or people who work in this field and make very good profits from trading in applications.

The most popular app selling platform is a giant Flippa.

What are the reasons that make a profit from mobile applications more than a great way?

  • Applications are easier to handle than regular websites and can be customized and used differently according to each user.
  • The Applications are faster to browse information.
  • Applications have a lot of images and use, such as buying and searching for information, game applications, images, videos, communication, calculating operations, and many other endless uses.
  • You can pay for any application completely securely through reliable and well-known stores such as Apple Pay and Google Play.

How can you invest in the field of smart applications?

This can be done in two ways:

The first method:

to find an idea of ​​a smart and distinctive application through which you can provide a specific service or product that the market needs.

then you study this idea well and communicate with one of the reliable programming companies to do the work of the application.

The second method:

is to collaborate with an entrepreneur who has a new application idea and is looking for an investor to finance the application.

If you are looking for the most important ways to invest money, then thinking about smart applications will become one of the most important sources of strong investments through which you can achieve great wealth.


Since smartphones have become an integral part of the lives of millions around the world.

And after people spend most of their time with their cell phones, Smart applications have turned into a major source of revenue and profits for major companies such as Facebook, Amazon, and Google so that Apple’s smartphone sales today have become the main source of their revenue.

Having a smart application for your project, company, or business has become a necessity, and you must speed up its creation so that you do not miss many investment opportunities in addition to earning and increasing profits.

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